Where is your Money Going?

And what would you do if you knew?

Now you can see where every dollar's been and where it's going. Introducing FinanceWorks, free with any Valley State Bank account. FinanceWorks shows you the activity of every account, loan, investment, bill and credit card you have on one webpage. It's a new way to think about your money, so you can make more informed financial decisions.

Get the bigger picture.

Unlike other banks, FinanceWorks doesn't just show your Valley State Bank accounts - it shows EVERY account, from your phone bill to your IRA. Every dollar you earn, spend and save, from past trends to future projections, presented clearly and easy to understand.

Know more, do more.

FinanceWorks doesn't just show it all, it analyzes it all. You'll discover spending habits you never knew you had. Find new places to save money. Be reminded when bills are due. FinanceWorks will help you set goals, make budgets, and do the right thing financially.