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Saving with Mandy and Randy
 What is it?
Not just a coloring book, not just a handout, but a complete curriculum supplement. This program is the investment your bank needs to teach young children the importance of money management early.
Why do children need it?
Money management skills aren't something you're born with. They're something you're taught and learn how to do. Help teach children to manage money as they learn to read, write, add and subtract.
We want to reach students at an impressionable age to help develop lifelong savings habits.
What concepts does the program cover?
Counting value of coins and currency              Financial decision making                                      
Importance of saving                                      How financial institutions work                                  
Earning interest                                              Deposits and withdrawals 
And much more…
How To Do Your Banking For High School Students:  
 How To Do Your Banking is a seven-lesson course
in banking skills taught by Syracuse high school .
The average high school graduate lacks basic personal financial skills. Many cannot balance a checkbook and most have no insight into the basic principles of earning, spending, saving, or investing.
 We strive to help young people manage their first credit experience and establish valuable lifelong financial habits. We want to provide them the tools to avoid stumbling through their finances learning by trial and error.
What concepts are covered?

Personal Savings
Basic Investments
Checking Accounts
Loans to Avoid
Electronic Banking
Deposit Image Technology
Online Banking
Online Bill Paying
Mobile Banking
Mobil Text Banking
Identity Theft
Protecting Your Personal Information
And much more...